I’m Kate – a 32 year old professional nanny specializing in children’s wellness. I have a Masters degree in Leadership and I’ve worked in both corporate and non-corporate environments and understand the challenges and pressures of both for parents. I lead a balanced lifestyle that includes eating fresh, nourishing, whole foods. I’m a marathon running, yoga-loving outdoorsy type who climbs mountains for fun! I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful partner who has a happy, spirited 3 year old toddler who I share a very close bond with. This has provided me with the opportunity to become a step mum – a very special role that I’m extremely grateful for.

I began working with children at the age of 17 when I became a qualified piano and keyboard teacher. Since then I have held various nannying, cleaning, and household management roles, as well as corporate roles in Human Resources, across Brisbane and Sydney. I’ve recently decided to give up my corporate work to pursue my true passion of wellness nannying full time and am looking to fill my week with families to look after.

I enjoy managing entire households and have been responsible for doing it all – from looking after infants, picking children up from school, helping with homework, practicing music, playing sport, preparing school lunches, cleaning the entire house, grocery shopping, cooking nutritious meals, washing and ironing, cleaning the pool, mowing the lawns, walking and feeding dogs… you name it, I do it. I work hard and I’m prepared to do as much work as you can give me.